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The role of collegiality in academic work: your chance to contribute

Academics (faculty members) who have been or are currently employed at higher education institutions are invited to participate in the following study, conducted by A/Prof Simon Barrie and Ms Giedre Kligyte (PhD Candidate) from The University of Sydney. The research will form the basis of Ms Giedre Kligyte's doctoral research under the supervision of A/Prof Simon Barrie and Dr Tai Peseta.

The role of collegiality in academic work

The study will explore how academics evoke the idea of collegiality to explain the apparent uniqueness of academic work in the context of increasing managerialisation of HE environment. In particular, it will investigate how the collective imaginary around collegiality in academic work is constructed, maintained, contested, and negotiated. 

To find out more about the study and to contribute to this research visit the project website at: http://collegialitystudy.wordpress.com/